Robyn Neihart, LMP

Robyn has lived in this area since 1989 and still she becomes overwhelmed
with the beauty that is offered here.  Having long been drawn to the
Massage and Holistic work profession, she attended Massage School in
Seattle to achieve licensure in Massage Therapy.

With 12 years in practice, she enjoys providing Treatment /Injury massage,
Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Relaxation and Stress Relief massage and Reiki
Energy work.

Robyn is also a certified Aromatherapist, certified through the "National Association of Holistic

With her great compassion for others, she holds the same value in holistic healing and
balance and encourages others and herself to focus on this destination for the spirit.  

              *Supporting your journey towards health and wellness*
L&I and PIP
Gift Certificates Available