Dr. Morteza Sarlak

Counselor Disclosure Statement

Provider’s Name
Dr. Morteza Sarlak

Type of Therapy Provided
Individual, Group, and Couples

Therapeutic Orientation & Philosophy
I believe clients’ talents are best managed by allowing and empowering their mental
capacities to develop through the removal of their emotional and mental barriers.  My
therapeutic orientation is based upon a positive, non-judgmental, and acceptant attitude
toward whatever the client is at that moment.  Using an eclectic approach, I choose
therapeutic techniques according to the needs of the client.  I emphasize the areas of their
lives that have been either denied to awareness or distorted, supporting them to become less
defensive, and more open to new avenues of growth possibilities within themselves.  Overall,
I try to empower clients to release their negative energy, with the goals of improving their
healthy boundaries, and enhancing their drive toward growth, completeness, fulfillment and

M. A.    English, University of North Dakota
M. A.    Clinical Counseling, North Dakota State University
Ed. D.   Doctor of Educational Administration, New Mexico State University
Ed. S.   Educational Specialist, New Mexico State University
M. A.    Secondary Education, Eastern New Mexico State University
B. A.     English Literature, University of Tehran

I have eighteen years of work experience in clinical and therapeutic settings.  I have been
teaching at college and university levels as a professor for twenty-four years, along with
eleven years teaching experience at the high school level.  I worked as a co-director of a
suicide task force for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a program that received national
attention and commendation.  I have also directed anger management and grief and loss
groups for eighteen years.

I am a licensed mental health counselor in the State of Washington
I am a licensed professional clinical counselor in the State of North Dakota
I am a National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC)
I am certified in Reality Therapy
I am certified as a Realty Therapy Supervisor
I am certified as a hypnotherapist

*Counselors practicing for a fee must be registered or licensed with the department of health for the protection of
the public health and safety.
Registration of an individual with the department does not include a recognition of any practice standards, nor
necessarily implies the effectiveness of any treatment”