About Us

Stephanie Flesher, MA and Nancy Mellor, MA opened Spirit of Healing in December, 2006. They
met while working together for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe. Stephanie works with domestic
violence and sexual assault victims and Nancy as an outpatient counselor. After a year and
half working together, they both realized that they had a great connection, diverse
experience, and the desire to create a successful business together. When they began to
think about a location for their new venture, the answer became obvious. “We chose Sumner
because it is a central location and an area that has few of the resources we have to offer.
We saw a need and wanted to be part of a great community,” states Flesher.
Flesher has since retired but the practice lives on in the same spirit in which it began.

Spirit of Healing offers a diverse range of services. “We base our practice on the philosophy
that in order for a person to fully heal, they need to address the mental, physical, spiritual,
and emotional aspects of their lives,” says Mellor.

Spirit of Healing
's counselors, Nancy Mellor, Nicole L. Pawelek, and Morteza Sarlak, offer
individual, couples, and family counseling. They work with children, adolescents, and adults of
all ages. Spirit of Healing
Counseling also offers domestic violence and sexual abuse
counseling, hypnotherapy for smoking cessation or weight loss, chronic pain management,
grief and loss counseling, and trauma healing services.

The whole team is excited to be a part of the Sumner and East County community and they
look forward to getting to know everyone. “We enjoy the closeness of the community that we
feel here,” said both Flesher and Mellor.